Swim2me is Dedicated to Teaching Individuals to Swim Confidently and Safely



Welcome to Swim2Me, your centre for mother and baby swimming lessons and children’s swimming classes. Lessons are conducted in our private pool, which has an extremely high level of water quality and filtration. Installed by dedicated experts DG pool and leisure, our pool offers you the best in cleanliness, comfort and functionality.


Privacy and quality are at the heart of everything we do. The pool is situated in a private house that is owned by one of the partners of the swimming school. The personal set-up of the company, and the daily involvement of its owners, ensures that we deliver a very personal service to each of our swimming students.

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Baby and Pre-school


Our pool is of the highest standard and located on the Sussex, Surrey border. Classes are held for children from 0 to 6 years old, and Mother and baby classes are from 0 to 1 year old. Experience the magic of watching your child learn to swim. Call us on 01403 751 538 or 07557982459 and book your lessons today!

Class updates

We regularly post updates and new information on our classes. Our toddler and baby swimming classes are within easy reach of Guildford, Horsham and for everyone else in Surrey and Sussex.