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About us

At Swim2me, you will be impressed by not only the fantastic facilities on offer, but by the friendly, helpful experts that you will be dealing with. Our team of instructors are highly trained and love what they do.

Let us help your child learn one of life’s vital skills, with children’s swimming lessons held in a fun, safe environment on the Sussex, Surrey border.


The children’s swimming lessons we offer originate from a dedicated focus on teaching children. One of the partners of the swimming school is a fully trained teacher. Having run her own nursery for 5 years before beginning the school, she is well versed in handling the needs of children, and in helping them to learn. If you want your child to learn swimming in a caring, expert environment, in a superb location on the Sussex, Surrey border, talk to us today! 

As part of providing a quality service for mothers, babies and children, we provide fully qualified and experienced instructors. We consider it very important that the instructors can help with the psychology of mother and baby water safety, and this is incorporated into our lessons.

Lily Meadows, Roundstreet Common
on the Sussex, Surrey border RH14 0AL
 Tel:01403 751 538 or 07557982459
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